REMI: General Findings

General Findings of REMI Study Laser Talk

Highlights from the study.

The REMI Study examined the effect of a progressive fee and dividend (F&D) carbon tax, starting at $10 per ton of CO2 on the national economy as well as the economies of 9 regions of the US. The study then compared these results to the baseline case where there is no price on carbon.

Study Highlights:

• CO2 emissions decline 33% after only 10 years, and 52% after 20 years relative to the baseline, $0/ton of CO2 case.

• National employment increases by 2.1 million jobs after 10 years, and 2.8 million after 20 years. This is more than a 1% increase in total US employment we don’t get without a carbon fee!

• 13,000 lives are saved annually after 10 years, with a cumulative 227,000 American lives saved over 20 years.

• $70-$85 billion increase in Gross Domestic Product (GDP) from 2020 on, with a cumulative increase in national GDP due to F&D of $1.375 trillion.

• Maximum cost-of-living increase by 2035 is 1.7-2.5%, depending on region. That’s 1 year’s normal inflation spread over 20 years!

The take-home from this study is that Carbon Fee & Dividend grows the economy in terms of jobs and GDP, while at the same time also reducing the country’s emissions and improving citizens’ health.

Skeptic Claims and One-Liners

Skeptic Claim: Any Carbon Tax will harm our already struggling economy.
One-Liner: A study found that a carbon tax where all the revenue was returned to American households grows the economy while also reducing emissions.

You can find Danny Richter’s summary of the study here.