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Building a climate legacy

Greyson Morrow legacy donor

Greyson Morrow

Building a climate legacy

By Ashley Skoch, Citizens’ Climate Grants Manager

Greyson Morrow is a volunteer, legacy donor, and longtime supporter of Citizens’ Climate. As a single guy who lives modestly in a comfortable home he purchased for $5,500, and whose most expensive passion is his bicycle, he says, “I decided the most satisfying thing I could do with my saved money was fund the Citizens’ Climate effort.”

In his life, Greyson has been blessed by caring parents, an appointment to the Air Force Academy, 24 years of military service, a helicopter flying career, and profound exposure to the beauty and complexity of nature—all of which have helped shaped his philanthropic journey. Greyson explains that deep gratitude drove his decision to make a legacy gift and give back. He says, “Funding Citizens’ Climate is a way to help save our kids’ future. For me, it is also a way of showing gratitude for what I have been given.”

He became interested in environmentalism in the 70s, initially getting involved with the Sierra Club and the Nature Conservancy. Climate has become his core passion, and he sees it as the underlying issue that affects all others. “To not take a stand on climate change is really just a disservice to us all,” he explains.

Greyson first became involved with CCL in 2014 and has attended two Citizens’ Climate International Conferences in Washington, D.C. I’m impressed with CCL’s professionalism, positive approach, and dedication to the democratic process,” he explains. Plus, he’s on board with CCL’s climate policy. “It is CCL’s Carbon Fee and Dividend solution that is our best means to turn things around. We need to raise public awareness, but we also need to educate members of Congress. Since I do not have the skills needed to be a full-time lobbyist or part of the national lobbying team, I decided I would reach into my pocket to help fund CCL staff who provide essential support to our volunteers.”   

We are so grateful for Greyson’s generous support and that of our other legacy members. Legacy giving is a powerful and meaningful way to generate long-lasting impact for the causes and organizations that have been most important to you during your lifetime. Planned giving can also be financially advantageous, as certain types provide current cash flow or tax savings. Legacy gifts can include bequests and beneficiary designations, both of which can help you achieve your personal and philanthropic goals.

Bequests: Bequests include gifts of cash or other various assets made through your estate plan, which maximize tax benefits. This form of planned giving can provide estate tax deductions while also supporting the organizations that you care about. Legacy gifts are typically made through a will, charitable trust, or other legal structure.   

Beneficiary designations: Some assets do not pass according to your will or trust, but instead to the person or organization you name in a beneficiary designation. Two of the most common types of beneficiary designations are life insurance and retirement assets.

By joining the Citizens’ Climate Legacy Club, you create a lasting legacy through your commitment to reducing carbon emissions and advancing the transition to a clean energy economy. Legacy giving is extremely important for organizations like CCE/CCL, and even relatively small gifts can be game-changers for our work.

For more information about joining Citizens’ Climate Legacy Club, please contact Senior Development Director Lynate Pettengill at lynate @ or 785-331-5556. As every financial situation is different, we recommend consulting a financial advisor about the specific implications of your gift.  

Thank you for considering this opportunity and for your commitment to a healthy climate!