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Volunteer Spotlight: Bob Lindmeier

Bob Lindmeier

Volunteer Spotlight: Bob Lindmeier

By Hana Manjusak

As Chief Meteorologist at WKOW-TV, Bob Lindmeier incorporates climate change education in his weather forecasts. Why? Well, he’s a member of the American Meteorological Society’s Station Scientist Committee, whose goals include encouraging broadcast meteorologists to “communicate climate change science to their viewers.” He’s also a member of the Madison, Wisconsin, chapter of Citizens’ Climate Lobby. Bob says Madeleine Para, CCL’s Vice President of Programs, “has been instrumental in providing motivation and ideas” for him to leverage his position as a broadcast meteorologist.

Additionally, Bob is a member of the South Central Synod of Wisconsin ELCA Speakers Bureau. Specializing in “climate change science and solutions presentations to faith based groups, civic groups, schools, and professional organizations,” Bob has given nearly 60 of these presentations. 

Bob was recently honored with a lifetime achievement award from the National Academy of Television Arts & Sciences. This award is given to broadcasters who, for more than 25 years, continuously make contributions to both their industry and their community. 

How did you first get connected with CCL?

When first giving climate change talks, I was not satisfied with the solutions I was presenting, which centered primarily around reducing one’s carbon footprint. This compelled me to research which climate mitigation solutions are the most effective. This research eventually led me to carbon pricing and then specifically to carbon fee and dividend. A member of the CCL chapter in Madison had been in periodic contact with me over several years. From my research and this CCL contact, I decided to join CCL.

What do you like about CCL?

I like that CCL is laser focused on a carbon fee and dividend legislation and is a respectful organization. I feel that I can make a difference as a CCL volunteer. I love Lobby Day at the national conference. I feel very empowered visiting members of the House and Senate to discuss a solution that I’m passionate about.

Bob Lindmeier

Bob Lindmeier and his fellow volunteers at a CCL lobby meeting.

Please tell us about your main efforts on climate change, with CCL or otherwise.

Broadcast meteorologists have an important role in educating their viewers about climate change science to help cut through the misinformation that is so prevalent on social media. To this end, I joined the AMS Station Scientist Committee. One of its goals is to help encourage fellow broadcast meteorologists to present on-air, and through social media, the peer-reviewed science of climate scientists. Last year, I organized a Climate Change Forum that brought together broadcast meteorologists, climate scientists, UW Madison meteorology undergraduates, and the National Weather Service to discuss climate science and to discuss ways that broadcast meteorologists can communicate about climate change science. It turned out to be very successful!

What keeps you motivated to do this work?

My main motivation is my grandchildren. My youngest is 10 months old. I will do everything I can to help give her a livable world. I’m also motivated with the knowledge that carbon pricing, and specifically carbon fee and dividend, without any doubt, is the best way out of the climate crisis.

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Hana Manjusak is a communications intern at Citizens’ Climate Lobby. She is an undergraduate student currently studying at the Georgia Institute of Technology with a major in International Affairs.