CCL takes Pathway to Paris project to Lima


CCL takes Pathway to Paris project to Lima

JoeRobertsonThe COP20 meetings in Lima have been billed as a drafting convention for what will become the Paris agreement on country-specific climate policies, at the end of 2015. And while it might be that, it will also be a stage on which nations and blocs of nations will seek to promote and defend their priorities in the way of long-term economic planning and cooperation. This makes finding the right focus around which to rally action and agreement even more vital.

With all that is at stake, and all the progress made over recent months, the COP20 meetings in Lima should mark the biggest step forward so far in the commitment to deploy smart, clean, renewable energy. The ability of nations to keep pace with such advances will depend more on the efficiency of their own markets than on the availability of foreign financing. Such financing will flow to where it can be of most use.

P2P graphicSo, any nation looking to capture the maximum future-building value from the COP20 meetings should look seriously at how to leverage smart, efficient carbon pricing to make every dollar, euro, pound, sol, or yuan, of new investment go further and do more. Building awareness of and focus on this priority is our central aim for our time in Lima. We want to see carbon pricing emerge as a smart value-leveraging mechanism for climate response, an economy-building value engine that makes markets more efficient and signals the best opportunities for financial investment and return.

We are taking the Pathway to Paris project to Lima to start new relationships, make connections between country context and carbon pricing effiency value, and build political will for the kind of fiscally conservative economy-building policy CCL promotes in the US and Canada. Expanding our core team of Pathway to Paris collaborators to more than 75, we will be sharing information, gathering insights from across the world, and providing rapid research response for negotiators, delegates, advocates, and decision-makers.

Please tune in to our Lima events page for updates on our schedule and opportunities to attend our Global Online Policy Forum (remember:, which we intend to become the central location online where stakeholders and decision-makers from around the world come together to make effective climate policy. We are committed not only to fostering an environment conducive to fiscally conservative carbon pricing, but also to building real citizen engagement into the global process.

You can follow discussion on social media, using the hashtags #CCLLima (for our discussions), #PathwaytoParis (for general related coverage), and #LimaCOP20 (for all attendees and outside events).

If you want to follow our activities more closely, throughout the COP20 meetings in Lima, go to and join. We will add you to the list, to receive our newsletters, which go to supporters, media, collaborating organizations, and also world leaders and their teams. If you choose to be a Pathway to Paris volunteer, we will add you to our coalition development team, and get you on the list that receives daily action updates. (Update emails will be daily only during the COP20 meetings. After Dec. 12, they will be weekly.)

And for all of you in CCL who are focused on the US Congress, our mission in Lima is to empower the US Congress to pass market-wide, fiscally conservative, economically efficient legislation (in the form of Carbon Fee and Dividend), that can set the global standard and build political will for a real and effective strategy to reduce climate-forcing emissions. Please remind your representatives: they have the power to lead, to decide how this gets done, and we will be spreading the word about economically efficient carbon pricing, so we can keep building local and national economies, while reducing climate risk.

More to come…

Joe Robertson is Global Strategy Director for Citizens Climate Lobby.

Steve Valk
Steve Valk is Communications Coordinator for Citizens' Climate Lobby. Steve joined the CCL staff in 2009 after a 30-year career with the Atlanta Journal-Constitution.