British Columbia’s Carbon Tax

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Question: Has any other government imposed a revenue-neutral carbon tax?

Answer:  Yes, the Canadian province of British Columbia. They did this in 2008, and so far it’s worked for both the economy and the environment [1]. By 2014, as the tax went from $10 to $30 per ton, their economy grew about 12 percent — higher than the national average — while carbon emissions per person went down almost 10 percent, twice as fast as the nation as a whole. [2,3]

This carbon tax, which applies to fuels accounting for 77% of the province’s emissions, is designed to be revenue neutral by virtue of cuts to personal and corporate income taxes, low-income tax credits, and a property tax reduction for northern and rural homeowners. [1]

What about the politics? The carbon tax was proposed and championed by the center-right BC Liberal Party [4] as a more market-friendly method of regulating carbon than a cap-and-trade plan supported by the left-leaning BC New Democratic Party. [5] One study on the program’s popularity stated “A clear and growing majority of British Columbians (60 percent) endorse their provincial carbon tax, and a similar proportion elsewhere in the country would support such a tax in their own province to address climate change.”  Support had been below 50 percent before the start of the tax in 2008. [6]

Since it went into effect, the carbon tax has generally had strong public support. The BC government has announced it will start going up an additional $5 per ton of CO2 each year until 2050 emissions targets are met, [7] while the remaining provinces follow in early 2019 under a national Canadian carbon pricing program. [8]

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