Economists’ Consensus on Climate Change

Economists’ Consensus on Climate Change Laser Talk

It is known that 97% of climate scientists are convinced, based upon the evidence, that human-caused global warming is happening [1]. Less well known is what economists believe the impacts of greenhouse gases are on the economy.

A study by the Institute for Policy Integrity at the New York University School of Law found that 84% of economists believed that global warming presented a clear danger to the US and global economies [2]. Agriculture, Fishing, Insurance and Health Services were among the industries economists predicted would lose the most productivity as a result of climate change. These industries help form the backbone of the American economy, especially in rural America [3].

While 84% of economists agree that climate change negatively impacts the US economy a resounding 98% agreed that a market based solution could achieve significant reduction in carbon emission while spurring development in a new, more efficient, energy industry.

Renewable energy is generally more labor intensive than fossil fuel use and therefore a 25% increase in renewable energy by 2025 is estimated to result in the net creation of 202,000 jobs [4]. With numbers like these it’s no wonder a strong majority of economists support pricing carbon.

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