Energy Subsidies

Energy Subsidies

Energy Subsidies Laser Talk

Citizens’ Climate Lobby supports the elimination of all energy subsidies once we have begun to correct the underpricing of fossil-based fuels [1].

Fossil fuels subsidies from 2002-2008 exceeded subsidies to “renewable” projects by a factor of 5:1 [2]. Over the next ten years, there are over $158 billion in potential fossil fuel subsidies (about equal to a $2.75 per ton of CO2 carbon tax [3]).

If the market could decide, it would pick renewables. We should free it.

Additional information: the value of $2.75 was calculated by dividing the 10-year cost of fossil fuel subsidies by 10 to find the annual cost, then using the Carbon Tax Center spreadsheet to calculate what carbon price yields a total tax take equivalent to that amount.

Skeptic Claims and One-Liners

Carbon Fee Skeptic Claim: Solyndra!
One-Liner: Because total financial subsidies to fossil fuel industries outnumber those to renewable energy 5:1, we support the elimination of all energy subsidies and letting the market decide.

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