Meet CCL’s newest staffers

CCL staff

Meet CCL’s newest staffers

By Flannery Winchester

2021 is a year full of promise for major climate action. To prepare, we’ve been expanding our team. With new expertise and capabilities in digital marketing, IT, business relations and state-level policy work, we’ll be even better equipped to take advantage of the opportunities in the new Congress and under the new administration. 

Let’s meet the new folks. As you’ll see, they bring a wealth of experience and great attitudes to the CCL staff. (They even add to our bi-paw-tisan credentials, as parents of both cats and dogs!)

Jacob Rodriguez

Jacob is CCL’s Digital Marketing Manager, working from California’s Bay Area. He’ll be optimizing CCL’s websites to increase visibility, build brand awareness, and attract more potential CCLers who want to get involved in this work. Away from work, Jacob enjoys reading, spending time with his dogs, and traveling. “One of my favorite places in the world is Iceland. I highly recommend it if you don’t mind the cold!”

“I’m happy to be working with such brilliant people in this space, and I look forward to helping make a positive impact on our planet,” Jacob says.

Angel Dixon

Angel joins CCL’s IT team as a Front End Developer. For us non-tech folks, that means she’ll be making CCL’s presence on the web and on mobile devices more functional and appealing for people to use and interact with. At previous jobs for large corporations, Angel says, “I was hardly ever invested in what I was working on and always looking for my next project. I joined CCL in an effort to work on something meaningful and meet my personal goal of being more actionable toward improving my community.”

Outside of work, Angel loves to craft, draw, and cook. For vacation, anywhere with a beach and warm weather will keep her happy! She has two cats, lives in the Atlanta area, and roots for the Braves.

Kyle Kammien

Kyle is CCL’s Senior Business Relations Representative. He’ll work with CCL volunteers to build more business community support for H.R. 763 and carbon pricing generally, so that we can create a coalition of businesses encouraging Congress to act. Professionally, Kyle brings a broad base of experience from work in landscaping, retail, economic development, and corporate government relations. He’s also pursuing his JD on a part-time basis.

Kyle hails from St. Louis, Missouri. “I live in D.C. now, but remain a huge St. Louis Cardinals and Blues fan,” he says. He also enjoys playing volleyball, hiking, reading historical nonfiction, and traveling. Plus, his family includes a “very sweet black lab” he rescued a few years ago. 

Alexis Hermosillo

Alexis is CCL’s State Level Carbon Pricing Coordinator. In her role, Alexis will help CCL volunteers effectively engage in supporting state-level efforts to enact policies, and keep building awareness and support for carbon pricing. She will also help CCL strengthen alliances with other key players in the climate movement. “I am very community and people driven,” Alexis says. “I love to work with people of diverse backgrounds and find commonalities between us. I feel that we all have a great purpose in life and together we can accomplish so much more than we can alone.”

Alexis is also a foodie who loves travel, dancing, and the movies. “I became passionate about food as a full body experience (pun intended!) during time spent in Mexico City a few years back. Mexico City is my absolute favorite place to visit.” Alexis is based in El Mirage, Arizona, where she serves as mayor.