Climate change hurts wildlife in our own backyards

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Climate change hurts wildlife in our own backyards

For far too long, climate change seemed like a distant, impersonal problem. But the unfortunate reality is that many wildlife populations are feeling the effects of climate change now, and right in our own backyards. Meet Stephanie, Paul and Jack: three CCL volunteers who love the wildlife in their area and are lobbying Congress to protect it. They told their stories in a recent article for the National Wildlife Federation. Here’s a teaser:

Missing frogs

Stephanie Sides’ home in Encinitas, Calif. used to be a hot spot for the local bullfrogs to hang out. “I used to have an entire symphony of voices, all distinctive with different pitches. Even though I used to have to wear earplugs to get to sleep at night, I loved those frogs and their music.” She even hosted a “bullfrog party” several summers in a row.

But now, she says, “The bullfrogs have largely disappeared in the last several years, presumably due to drought.” California experienced drought conditions from 2011 until just this year, and frogs and toads need water to mate and lay their eggs. “I hear one lone frog voice this summer,” she says. The days of her bullfrog parties, of connecting with each other over the joys and intrigue of nature, are “now mostly lost and sorely missed,” she says.

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