Climate scientist tells UK’s Boris Johnson to tax carbon

Climate scientist tells UK’s Boris Johnson to tax carbon

By Joe Robertson

Dr. James Hansen has been a leading scientific voice on the urgency of climate action at least since June 1988, when he testified before the United States Congress that global heating threatened to destabilize Earth’s climate and create havoc for societies around the world.

In a new letter to UK Prime Minister Boris Johnson, Dr. Hansen highlights the stakes for the world and the historic opportunity now before Johnson. He calls for a world-leading example in the implementation of climate income—a carbon fee with 100% dividend to households.

As Dr. Hansen notes, such a plan “is socially just, anti-regressive. Seventy percent of the public comes out ahead.” He calls on the Prime Minister to be “a hero, a leader,” to show leadership by ensuring the economically efficient transformation of the UK energy economy, and inviting others to raise their national climate ambition ahead of COP26. We believe the COP26 is a chance to reinvent prosperity and secure a better future for everyone.

Joe Robertson is the Global Strategy Director for Citizens' Climate Lobby. He is also the author of CCL's booklet, "Building the Green Economy."