The CCL Website, New and improved!

Today, Citizens’ Climate Lobby proudly launches our new CCL website along with updates to CCL Community, our volunteer portal for learning, education and discussion.

The Vision and Purpose

In June of 2014, we began this project by defining specifically what it is we hope to achieve with each site. Additionally, we set out to streamline site navigation and improve mobile responsiveness (That’s nerdspeak for being more phone- and tablet-friendly).

Keeping in mind its purpose to recruit, to tell our story and to show others what volunteers of Citizens’ Climate Lobby are accomplishing, our main site,, has a new look and flow. With an understanding of where visitors enter and exit the site, many pages have been repurposed to tell our story and to inspire visitors to join CCL.

CCL Community, in keeping with its purpose to serve as a portal for our volunteers, now serves as the main repository for volunteer resources.  Volunteers may find those resources from the Resources navigation link in the main menu bar.

That’s not to say that every resource was moved to Community. While some items are used almost exclusively by CCL volunteers, the analytics show that others outside our organization find them useful.  These resources include our laser talks, monthly calls and actions, published media, editorial packets and REMI report.  The links to these resources are now found in the footer of the website.  Why’s that?

  • Statistics show that most visitors come to those resources through a link that’s been shared with them vs. navigating to them after landing on our site, so moving them from the top navigation bar to the footer is not an issue.
  • But, most importantly, knowing the purpose of the main site is to inspire people to join CCL, we should do our best to not crowd out the purpose in the site’s most valuable real estate.

Where do you find things now?

Main Site Top Navigation

Show me the Top Navigation Menu

About CCL: Calendar, CCL Stats, CCL’s Vision, Methodology, Founder’s Statement, Chapters (Growth Stats, Map, List, Email Addresses and Chapters Coming Soon), Advisory Board, Staff Bios and Contacts.

Carbon Fee and Dividend: About our policy, The Basics, and an In-depth with the policy and FAQs.

Blog: CCL’s blog with latest news, events and actions as well as archives of op-eds, media packets, etc.

Take Action: If you are coming to the main site to accomplish something, this is probably where you should begin. Here you can join, register for the intro or international call, find information about the monthly meetings and actions, write letters to editors or Congress or sign up for a regional conference.

Donate: links to the current fundraising campaign

Join: simplified join process that’s now separate from registering for the intro or international call. 

Main Site Footer

Show me the Top Navigation Menu

The footer section of the website is at the bottom of the page.  Links include:

Link to Community

Link to Laser Talks: reformatted for easy reading (Thanks Laura Carver).

REMI report: redesigned and super easy to navigate…this page will blow you away. (Thanks to Tony Sirna),

Media: resources for the media.  Volunteer resources for working with the media are now on Community.

Link to Monthly Meetings and Actions.  The link to previous calls is on this page which is also accessible from the Take Action page.

CCL Regional Conferences.

Link to Citizens’ Climate Education Corp page.

Where’s Everything Else?

All volunteer resources, with the exception of those mentioned above are now on CCL Community.

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