Undo Your Part: Inspiring people to take action on climate

Undo Your Part

Undo Your Part: Inspiring people to take action on climate

By Flannery Winchester

Solving climate change will take more than the greatest minds in science, politics, and economics. It’s also going to take great marketing. Those of us who understand the scale and urgency of climate change have to reach—and recruit—millions of other Americans to address this important cause.

Today, Citizens’ Climate Lobby is launching a video called Undo Your Part. Undo Your Part was created to inspire those who are alarmed about climate change but haven’t acted either because they feel hopeless or don’t know what actions they can take.



“I hope it can give people hope for a solution rather than feeling overwhelmed,” said Carter Keith, one of the creative minds behind the video. “It’s patriotic. It’s emotional versus fact-laden. It’s built to touch heartstrings rather than debate science.”

The history of Undo Your Part

Last year, a few dedicated people decided to use their professional skills to give climate change a touch of marketing magic. The story begins with Carter Keith, who joined CCL after his sister, Kate Keith, and her husband, Carl Yaeckel, invited him. “They are big San Diego CCLers. They pitched me and I bought in,” Carter said.

Carter is in advertising, so he asked his ad agency about getting involved too. He soon discovered that some of his partners don’t believe climate change is an issue—so he rustled up a team of creative talent on his own.

“I was able to get two extremely talented, award-winning writers and a gifted account planner/strategist. Galen Greenwood, Kevin Sutton, and Glenn Geller agreed to start on the journey. We formed a new group and call ourselves ‘The Fair-Weather Friends,’” Carter explained. They also recruited producer James Roderer and an edit house, 3008, in Dallas. Everyone worked on the project pro bono—a true passion project.

Together, they decided to work on something that would convince people to “be the change.” Carter said, “To many, this issue is too daunting to take on. We wanted to remind people that other daunting challenges have faced Americans before, but we came together and made significant changes. We undid a lot of things. We can undo this. From there, it was a simple creative leap to Undo Your Part.”

With coordination and thoughtful shepherding from Lesley Beatty (now officially on CCL’s staff as Marketing Director) and Marketing & Events Manager Ashley Hunt-Martorano, the creative idea became a fully fledged video, which launches today.

Make it a success

To help make Undo Your Part a success, here’s what you can do:

  • Head to CCL’s Facebook page and react to the video post with a “like” or “love”
  • Comment something positive on the video post
  • Share the post to get the video out there!

When you post, use the hashtag #UndoYourPart and share a personal reason of why you’ve chosen to take action on climate change. Motivated by your kids? Tell the Twittersphere, “Because I want my kids to enjoy a healthy, stable planet #UndoYourPart.” Love to ski? Announce to your Facebook friends, “Because warming winters are threatening one of my favorite hobbies, and I want to fix it. #UndoYourPart.”

And of course, head to undoyourpart.com to watch the video and stay inspired to Undo Your Part!

Flannery Winchester
Flannery Winchester has put her words to work for magazines, for marketing agencies, and now for our earth as CCL's Communications Director. She is grateful to spend every day working to preserve this beautiful planet.