Wild & Scenic Film Festival partners with CCL chapters

Wild & Scenic Film Festival partners with CCL chapters

By Elyce Klein

Over the past 17 years, I have made the trip up to Nevada City, CA to spend four of the most inspiring days of my year at the Wild & Scenic Film Festival. Every year without exception I have watched films about a wide variety of environmental issues from all parts of the country and the world, met with activists (2018 attendance was over 7,800), and even given two “Activist Workshops” on behalf of CCL.

This January I was at the Festival with my friend John, and we were so excited by the experience that we agreed to do what we could to bring the festival to Berkeley. When I got home I looked into this and discovered that the Wild & Scenic Film Festival On Tour had not been brought to Berkeley and that it could be used as a fundraising tool.

At the next CCL meeting, we discussed what it would take to make this a successful event and decided to sponsor the On Tour Program on Earth Day. We’re fortunate in that The David Brower Center, a center for the environmental movement, also wanted to get behind this and allowed us to show the films in their beautiful theater free of charge. Local businesses were also supportive, and several of them became co-sponsors.

We partnered with Our Children’s Trust and Compassionate Living, an animal rights organization, to produce a very successful Earth Day event. The David Brower Center was filled with people all day checking out workshops and vendors set up by our partnering organization, including a youth panel on climate activism set up by Our Children’s Trust. We offered three sessions of The Wild and Scenic Film Festival, which were viewed by about 250 people.  For our first time efforts, we were able to raise $2,000 for our chapter, and to get the CCL name out in the public. Before each session we showed a short video about CCL, letting audience members know more about who we are and what we are trying to accomplish.

All of this took a concerted effort on the part of our chapter, so don’t underestimate the time and effort it will take to make this a success. You will need to secure an inexpensive (or free) venue, set up any partnerships you may want to take on, get the word out, and solicit sponsors. With a team effort, CCL chapters can raise money with The Wild & Scenic On Tour festival from ticket sales and sponsorships.  

The Wild & Scenic Film Festival On Tour offers CCL chapters an excellent opportunity for public outreach, a great fundraising tool, and a chance to showcase both the CCL message as well as important complementary environmental issues. The Wild & Scenic Film Festival On Tour allows us to get the CCL name out there and reach new contacts. In addition, I understand that, on average, WSFF on Tour events raise $3,758, have 286 attendees, and over 59% are brand new contacts.

CCL’s Stephanie Doyle, Adeline DeYoung, and Morgan CcCue have worked with Theresa Huck, Wild & Scenic Film Festival On tour Sales Manager,  to compose a special, curated program on climate change, including The Curve of Time, Kokota: The Islet of Hope and The Secrets Held in the Ice. This is an affordable way to put on a successful event that will get approved messages out to your communities,  help fund your growth, and create a donor pipeline.

We are looking to put together a group of CCL chapters that want to partner on producing the Wild and Scenic Film Festival in their communities as a way to do outreach and raise money. The Wild & Scenic Film Festival On Tour is managed by Theresa Huck. You can reach her anytime at (530) 265-5961 ext 204 or theresa @ wildandscenicfilmfestival.org with any questions you may have.  

Wild & Scenic Film Festival is a program of the South Yuba River Citizens League. Partnership with Wild & Scenic Film Festival provides the resources you need, and helps to fund SYRCL’s work such as meadow restoration, carbon sequestration projects, salmon habitat restorations, groundwater monitoring, clean water, clean air and river protection projects.

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