Women Who Will and Generous Gentlemen launch campaign for those who care about climate

Davia Rivka

Davia Rivka on her way to the Capitol for a day of lobbying for climate solutions.

Women Who Will and Generous Gentlemen launch campaign for those who care about climate

By Davia Rivka

Here’s me: I thrive when I can pour myself into a larger than life, make a difference project, that requires working in community. You can imagine how I feel about Citizens’ Climate Lobby. Right? Everyday my heart gets bigger, my voice gets stronger, my spirit gets brighter. Which makes me want to give even more of myself to this work — which in turn makes me bigger, stronger and brighter.

Why am I telling you this? Because I feel immense gratitude and I want to say thank you to you. You are my community. You keep me going. (I know I also keep you going.) I am grateful for your boldness and persistence and courage. When I can’t muster the oomph to call my member of congress, speak to the Rotary club, or have another conversation with yet another skeptic, I think of you. And I remember that you have days like that too. And that you keep going.

One way I can say thank you is with money. And that is how Women Who Will was born. Last year 15 women each gave $10,000 dollars which was matched on Giving Tuesday. In the end, we raised over $700,000!

This year the thank you is even bigger. The women are challenging the men. Cause everyone loves a good game, right? We’re asking 25 Women Who Will and 25 Generous Gentlemen to say thank you with $10,000. I’ll do that math for you. That will be $500,000. When that sum gets matched on Giving Tuesday (November 25) by CCL friends and community we will have raised one million dollars! Now that’s the kind of thank you that makes me smile.

Here’s where we stand. We started asking at the beginning of 2017. Women are in the lead with 17 donors to date! Men following in close second with 14 donors! Our goal—to have 25 women donors and 25 men donors by the June conference in DC!!!

We’re throwing down the gauntlet—let’s hear some loud thank you’s from the men. Can you catch us? Surpass us? Will you get to 25 before we do???

This is my gratitude. This is my way of saying you make a huge difference in my life—even if I don’t know you, even if I’ve never met you. I know you are there, sometimes frustrated, sometimes in despair, sometimes arms raised in victory.

If you would like to say thank you with your dollars and are able to make a $10,000 gift to Citizens’ Climate Education, give me a shout out at davia (at) daviarivka (dot) com. What an incredible gift we’ve been given—a chance to work on a larger than life, make a difference project buoyed by a community of unlikely climate heroes. Thank you.

Davia Rivka is a Los Angeles-based climate change warrior who is hard at work on her second book: a collection of inspirational stories about the extraordinary work of Citizens’ Climate Lobby volunteers. Check out her blog at daviarivka.com.