The Environmental Protection Agency (EPA), the agency charged with ensuring the purity of our air and water,  may be one of the most effective institutions in the history of our country.

Consider  EPA action on Acid Rain using the Clean Air Act, this action has returned $40 in benefits for every $1 of incurred costs [1]. Under the same law, the Supreme Court said the EPA has the authority to regulate CO2.

If congress does not want additional regulations, no matter how cost effective they are, they must pass a market-based price for carbon emissions.

Skeptic Claims and One-Liners

Carbon Fee Skeptic Claim: The EPA regulates without regard to the costs.
One-Liner: Under the Clean Air Act, EPA regulations to combat acid rain returned $40 in value for every $1 in costs incurred.

  1. Acid Rain Program Benefits Exceed Expectations. Acid Rain Program Benefits Exceeds Expectations”. Sep. 14, 2010. The US Environmental Protection Agency.

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