Scientific Consensus

Scientific Consensus Laser Talk

Normally, we don’t expect volunteers to memorize laser talks verbatim, but we’re making an exception with the very short scientific consensus laser talk.

The scientific consensus calls for more and heavier flood events.

Research from the Yale Project on Climate Change Communication has found that knowledge about the scientific consensus on climate change serves as a “gateway belief,” making people more inclined to accept the fact that climate change is happening because of humans and also making people more inclined to support public policy solutions.  [1]

Here is the specific wording that needs to be communicated:

97 percent of climate scientists are convinced, based upon the evidence, that human-caused global warming is happening. [2] 

  1. “Scientific Consensus on Climate Change as a Gateway Belief.” Yale Project on Climate Change Communication (3 Mar 2015).
  2. “Scientific consensus: Earth’s climate is warming.” NASA Global Climate Change. (accessed 25 Jan 2018).

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