Where Scientists Stand on Climate Change

Where Scientists Stand on Climate Change

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Question:  Don’t scientists still disagree about whether climate change is human-caused?

Answer:  No. There are only a very few, and even fewer who have scientific backgrounds relevant to climate science. Many individuals who pose as “experts” in media sources are not scientists at all, or else have no real background in climate science.

You want proof? Eight different research groups looked into this over the last 10 years, examining thousands of papers and/or asking hundreds of scientists directly for their position on climate change. Each new study finds less and less disagreement. As of 2016, the average level of agreement was 97 percent,  [1] but if that wasn’t clear enough, an October 2021 paper now finds that 99.9 percent of published scientists agree that human-caused global warming is real. [2]  Not only that, but the National Academy of Sciences and their counterparts from 79 other nations also agree, as do all major American member organizations of physicists, chemists, meteorologists, and astronomers. Not a single one claims that human-influenced global warming is in doubt. Not one. [3]

This is important, because when people learn how strong the scientific agreement really is, they are more inclined to transcend political affiliations and support public policy solutions to climate change. [4]

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In a Nutshell: Nearly 100 percent of climate scientists are now convinced, based on the evidence, that human-caused global warming is happening. What little doubt may have once existed has been eliminated.

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